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Practical training for your business success in Spain

Through our Intercultural Training Spain the participants get to know the Spanish culture as well as its influence on the Spanish business mentality and therefore broaden their intercultural competency for long-term success with Spanish business partners.

The Kingdom of Spain is a parliamentary hereditary monarchy divided into 17 autonomous communities. The democratic change (1975 – 1977) liberalised and modernised Spain’s industry. With the accession to the EU and the resulting international competitiveness Spain is an important investment location for foreign companies despite its economic crisis. Many Spaniards feel a stronger belonging to a particular region or community than to the nation state. The four communities Catalonia, Galicia, Andalusia and the Basque Country are special due to their linguistic and cultural identity and history. The influence of the Moors on Spanish culture is especially visible in the architecture.

Due to its geographical location Spain regards itself as bridge to North Africa and because of its historical past as link to Central and South America.

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In attending our Intercultural Training Spain you will broaden your personal scope of action in contact with customers, suppliers and colleagues from Spain.

Improve your intercultural competencies and your insight into the business mentality of Spanish partners and colleagues.

CultureWaves offers background know-how of Spain and practice-oriented recommendations for your successful collaboration with your Spanish business partners.

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring the Intercultural Training Spain to your specific needs!

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What you can expect from our Intercultural Training Spain

By completing the training participants will:

  • sharpen their perception and develop a broader understanding of different perspectives
  • improve their understanding of the impact of cultural values on people’s behaviour, communication and work style
  • gain a better understanding of Spanish society and traditions as well as of their impact on working life
  • learn to anticipate what behaviour may irritate your Spanish business partners and gain a deeper understanding of their reactions
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  • gain the ability to adapt to Spanish everyday life more effectively and interact more successfully with Spanish colleagues
  • learn to understand which competencies are important to operate with intercultural sensitivity
  • get to know helpful strategies to communicate successfully with Spanish business partners

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring the Intercultural Training Spain to your specific needs!

Intercultural Training Spain – possible contents:

Understanding Spain
Self-perception and perception by others

  • get to know Spanish business mentalities and the influence of regional features on the Spanish business world
  • raise your awareness of Spanish culture, Spanish values and norms and their influence on the business mentality
  • recognise and analyse culture specific differences which are relevant for your success and learn to make use of them for your professional life

Communication with Spanish business partners

  • the first impression on Spanish superiors, colleagues and employees
  • recommendations for verbal and written communication with Spaniards
  • non-verbal communication: which characteristics should be considered
  • how can you decode the messages of your Spanish business partners
  • indirect versus direct communication
  • conveying criticism and feedback

Meetings, team and project work

  • particularities of Spanish meetings – agenda, process and follow-up
  • team work – personal commitment and interpersonal ties versus professional know-how and efficiency
  • expectations of team work
  • perception of reliability and Agreements
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  • Spanish leadership styles
  • employee management and motivation
  • status and social responsibility of the superior
  • decision processes and decision-makers in Spanish companies

How to behave in challenging situations and in case of conflict

  • anticipate and analyse culture-bound areas of conflict and tension
  • suggestions to find solutions in critical situations
  • solving conflicts successfully due to culture-sensitive approaches

Presenting and negotiating in Spain

  • presenting in Spain – expectations of a Spanish audience and practical recommendations for a target-group-specific preparation
  • culture-sensitive presentations to secure a lasting success thanks to intercultural competencies
  • preparing negotiations: analysing Spanish negotiation partners
  • strategies and tactics for successful negotiations with Spanish business partners

Business trips – tips and recommendations

  • what do business travellers have to be prepared for in Spain – etiquette and demeanour
  • invitations for business lunches – dress code, etiquette, greetings

Summary of key learnings

Wrap up and practical recommendations for your business success with Spanish colleagues and business partners.

Do you have specific needs?

Depending on your needs and target group, we will integrate your topics and customised training modules in the Intercultural Training Spain and tailor the contents to your current situation and business-specific challenges.

Intercultural training Spain – How, where and for whom?

  • customized to target group and main topics or generic
  • individual or group training
  • face-to-face or virtual training
  • on-site or off-site
  • for employees of all levels, professionals and managers

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring the Intercultural Training Spain to your specific needs!

Intercultural training Spain – methodology and approach 

The behaviour-oriented CultureWaves-training stands out due to participant orientation, interactivity and practical relevance.

Our variety of methods includes background information for a deeper understanding of business mentalities, interactive group tasks, up-to-date videos and graphic footage, work on practical case studies, discussion and reflection as well as practice-oriented recommendations for your business success.

If you are interested please feel free to contact us!

We are looking forward to writing a proposal for you or answering any remaining questions.

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Benefit from the qualitiy of our training!

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