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Agile leadership in international organisations

You are convinced that your organisation can only withstand international competition, digital transformation and the pressure of continuous innovation by agile leadership and agile working methods. What, however, does agility mean, and what does it mean in different cultural contexts? How do your leaders from different countries and cultures of origin interpret the potential disruption of your present business model by digitalisation and theprinciples of agile leadership? Which agile working methods are suitable for international virtual teams and which have proved successful? How can they be introduced in an interculturally sensitive way, if values, attitudes and leadership methods differ or are even contradictory due to different cultural backgrounds?

What challenges do leaders of international teams face, when agile principles are introduced?Find out in our agile leadership lab and decide, which practices, methods and approaches you want to integrate into your personal leadership practice.

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The focus of the ‘Agile leadership in international organisations’ lab

Identifying the status quo: How agile is your leadership today?

  • Experience exchange on various agile leadership approaches and the challenges involved
  • Overview of current approaches which work well
  • Impulses for self-reflection
  • Clarity about the current leadership repertoire, the willingness to change and progress indicators

The intercultural aspects of agile methods for leading and working

  • Culture and agility: How can agile leadership principles and methods be (mis)understood and how can they be implemented, taking into account intercultural aspects?
  • Role of leadership, decision processes and self-management
  • Agile tools
  • Communication strategies within an interconnected network
  • How global or culture-specific are the concepts of VUCA and agility?

How is my organisation positioned locally and internationally?

  • Self-check: How much agility does your organisation need and which prerequisites are met already?
  • How does your business strategy take in current challenges in the market?
  • ‘Your purpose’ – Why does your company exist?
  • In what way is the deeper sense of your company’s existence understood in different national cultures and how does it influence decisions?
  • Which values and attitudes does management need to pursue for employees to unfold their potential?
  • Which organisational structures and forms of agile collaboration support or impede international teams?
  • How does agility change the business culture and collaboration in organisations?

Transfer to your leadership context

  • Which form of agile leadership do your employees and teams need? What is responsible and meaningful in this context?
  • How do you work with your superiors and peers if they have a different understanding of working agile?
  • Which strategies and habits help to keep up a healthy balance between stability and agility in daily leadership as well as in turbulent times?

Embracing diversity: the CultureWaves’ consultant team

The CultureWaves team consists of a network with more than 120 qualified consultants with multiple years of international professional experience in various sectors and positions.

Methodological approach

This lab offers the participants a broad spectrum of surprises and challenges. Participants can bring in their own leadership experience, reflect continuously on what they have learned, experiment with agile settings and shape their agile leadership style in practice-oriented settings.

A profound context as well as a needs analysis with participants take place before the lab and influence the structure and strategic focus of design, process and facilitation.

CultureWaves uses a variety of methods. With decades of experience in designing and delivering customized development programmes, CultureWaves has optimized training and facilitation methods for your maximum benefit.

The behaviour-oriented CultureWaves methods are characterised by participant-orientation, interactive formats and practical relevance.

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