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Diversity Management – the potential of embracing diversity

Diversity Management, the deliberate handling of personnel and cultural diversity in companies is a holistic initiative. It focuses on values and behavioural patterns of employees as well as on organisational culture. Thereby, it identifies talents and counteracts stereotyping.

There are many reasons for the significance placed on Diversity Management today.

Demographic change results in an increased shortage of qualified employees, prolonged working lives and a changing generation mix at the workplace. It is vital to overcome existing personnel shortages by identifying new target groups. Moreover communicating Diversity Management approaches can increase the attractiveness of employers.

Diversity Management can also open up new opportunities for a company with regards to the growing global economy and society.It is imperative to optimise collaboration across cultures; whether in your own company or in customer relationships. Local and individual customer interests need to be considered on a global scale.

CultureWaves is looking forward to advising you regarding tailored Diversity Management initiatives for your company.

We support you to achieve clarity on the following points:

  • What is Diversity Management and which aspects does diversity include according to your organisation’s definition?
  • What benefits does Diversity Management offer?
  • What values, attitudes and aims does your company want to convey or to achieve with Diversity Management?At which stage are you at the moment?
  • How can you achieve a holistic and sustainable culture of diversity?
  • What measures are already in place and which ones are suitable for your organisation?

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culturewaves diversity management training

Diversity Management Training – Possible content

The following topics can be addressed in a first training or workshop:

  • Diversity management – Why? An introduction
  • What are the different diversity categories and which ones suit your context?
  • What goals do you want to achieve with Diversity Management?
  • The holistic approach: Where and how can Diversity management be embedded in your organisation?
  • Individual approaches for business practice:
    • Diversity management for a specific selection of personnel
    • Creating a welcoming culture by putting integration and equal treatment into practice
    • Diversity marketing: What expectations do diverse target groups have and how do I address them best?
    • Team composition – How do I realise the potentials of diversities in teams?
    • Internal and external communication – how do I design it best for my organisation

We are looking forward to creating a tailored concept for you or building on your existing diversity approach.

Embracing diversity: the CultureWaves trainer team

The CultureWaves team is made up of more than 120 qualified trainers and consultants with multiple years of professional experience in various sectors and positions.

Methodological approach

CultureWaves emphasises the variety of methods applied. With decades of experience in designing and delivering customised training and workshops, CultureWaves has optimised training and facilitation methods for your maximum benefit.

Business-oriented expertise

The CultureWaves trainer team has profound expertise through:

  • Multicultural experience of life and work
  • Profound qualifications and education
  • Training qualification
  • Native or multilingual language skills
  • Many years of professional experience
  • Project management experience
  • Profound knowledge and background information for a better understanding of your business case
  • Presentation and facilitation skills


CultureWaves uses latest video and graphic footage to give authentic insights into diversity topics.

Interactive training style

CultureWaves looks to support the broadening of your individual skill set through:

  • Role plays
  • Behaviour-oriented individual and group exercises
  • Exchange of experiences with Diversity Management initiatives
  • Individual exercises and exercises for reflection
  • Personal feedback by facilitator and peers
  • Work on business case studies in small groups
  • Discussion and reflection
  • Practical recommendations and tips for self-paced learning

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