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Team coaching or individual coaching for successful projects

Project managers and project teams often have to deal with highly complex projects, bringing about challenging situations, a high workload and time pressure. On top of that, teamwork in projects requires strong social and communicative skills apart from professional know-how.

This is even more true for international projects with multicultural teams.

Different cultural habits, contrasting expectations of clients and project members, various planning styles and work processes can be major challenges in international project work. One cannot expect that an efficient team develops just by itself, given a group of individuals with different professional and cultural backgrounds.

An external project coach with his or her expertise in international project management, team building, coaching and process facilitation can help to tackle the different phases of work in projects. He or she can provide support for well-prepared kick-offs, for the development of a high-performing team as well as the successful completion of the project.

We offer project coaching in English and German; in other languages upon request.

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Individual coaching for project leaders

Individual coaching for project leaders focusses on the development of professional and personal competencies.

Using a systemic approach, the coach focuses on the interactions of the project manager in his role, within project and organisational set-up as well as in his relations to external stakeholders.

The project coach gives support with methods and tools focussing on project management. He or she coaches the project manager to strengthen competencies and widen the skill set for dealing with clients and executives, with other stakeholders and project staff. Influencing skills, a flexible leadership style and intercultural competence are crucial for the success of a project in an international context.

The coach can also support a project leader in difficult and stressful situations, so that he gains access to his personal resources and remains able to act and make decisions.

Inform us about your needs. We look forward to advising you and arranging a non-binding first meeting between project coach and your project leader.

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Team coaching for project teams

Project teams are made up of individuals with different expectations, work experience and cultural backgrounds. They are obliged to work together effectively, within a given limited time, and often only meet virtually. Forming a successful team out of a heterogeneous work group is not a matter of course; it requires the competent handling of the project set-up.

In international teams, practical challenges such as different time zones and different member locations play a role. Even more so, contrasting expectations of team work are shaped by the team members’ cultures of origin and potentially increase misunderstandings or conflicts.

The prerequisites for successfully participating in a project are different for each employee. They are, for example, related to his or her other roles and tasks, his or her relationship to his line manager and matrix superiors, his or her professional competence and personal disposition.

Furthermore, it cannot be assumed that the same level of knowledge of project management techniques and tools is shared by all project team members.

Taking into account all these factors, the project coach can identify training and coaching needs and respond to the specific situation of the project team. By facilitating team coaching sessions, he can develop the team’s skills to solve challenging situations.

We support project teams in companies and organisations during the project preparation until kick-off, provide advice following the course of the project, support during project crises and ensure the transfer of of know-how into later projects.

Living diversity: the CultureWaves team

The CultureWaves team consists of over 120 qualified consultants, trainers and coaches with many years of international work experience in various industries and functions.

From this pool of experts, we select the appropriate consultant for your needs with many years of experience in the management of international projects, in coaching and process support.

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