Managing multicultural teams


E-learning for more effective multicultural team work

International team work, involving members of different cultural backgrounds, is very common in global organisations. That multicultural team work is common does not mean that it is also effectively managed or that leading or working in such teams comes easily.

This e-learning course on ‘Managing multicultural teams’ has been created to develop the skills and understanding needed to lead and work effectively in international teams. It is based on the practical experience of the programme developers and their learnings from working with multinational organisations. It offers insights into the potential problems of managing and working with cultural diversity and distance in international teams. And it shows how these problems can be overcome to get a team working together and achieve success.

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Content of ‘Managing multicultural teams’

The e-learning course is made up of three modules. Each of them covers different aspects of intercultural issues that can arise in multicultural teams working at a distance.

Module 1: Recognising cultural differences

Module 2: Managing cultural differences

Module 3: Sustaining energy at a distance

The modules are built upon the story of a particular multicultural team. The programme raises cultural awareness, focuses on management at a distance and the personal skills needed to succeed in a multicultural setting.

You will find the following contents in particular:

  • Cultural models
  • Push and pull skills
  • An introduction to a project team’s life cycle
  • Insights into different communication styles and preferences
  • Recommendations for building commitment in remote teams
  • Ways of dealing with conflicts and setbacks
  • Room for reflection on personal communication and work style
  • Practical case studies to illustrate cultural dynamics

Key product features

  • Duration: 2 hours in three modules, each lasting 40 minutes
  • Available as self-study course or as an element in a blended learning programme
  • Virtual trainer acts as a virtual guide to accompany participants step-by-step through the programme
  • A video story of a particular multicultural team, complemented with
    • practical case studies
    • quizzes
    • questions to self-reflect and record own experiences
    • tips and ideas for leading multicultural teams
    • reviews and download material

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