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Globalisation and digitalisation lead to a constant increase of the international trading of goods and services. This development has accelerated in recent years and requires an adjustment of company strategies to stay competitive in turbulent times.

With these changes, business units are experiencing international diversification as well as multicultural collaboration on virtual platforms. Many organisations are only able to implement those requirements if they support their employees through multifaceted initiatives.

The qualification of employees for new forms of collaboration gains in importance for globally operating companies.

Are you leading an international company or are you responsible for international HR development and intercultural organisational development? Do you want to achieve goals more efficiently and need customised programmes for the international development of professionals and leaders?

Do you and your team work with people from different cultural background and need to organize work more efficiently? Or are you leading multicultural teams and negotiating with international business partners? Would you like improve the communication with your stakeholders?

With our unique service portfolio we support you with the design and implementation of qualification initiatives for your leaders and employees. We use our extensive experience from 20 years of professional services to design your development programmes.

We are looking forward to create a customised offer after a first context and needs analysis.

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An overview of our service portfolio in consulting

International HR development

The more internationally a company is acting, the more often employees are cooperating with colleagues and clients with different cultural imprints. In the scope of international HR development numerous projects are realized, in which employees from different countries work and are also recruited. Through diverse qualifications they are prepared for challenges like new tasks and their roles as leaders. We are happy to design a concept for you.

Intercultural organisational development

If you deal with organisational development in international companies, the following questions need to be considered: What can we do to become more successfully on an international scale? How can we convince our employees that we take intercultural competence and valueing diversity serious and strive to develop them in our organisation? The CultureWaves team would be glad to consult you on a holistic approach to intercultural organisational development.

Change management

Change processes ‘impose’ complex requirements on leaders and employees. Nowadays, one change process is following another because digitisation and internationalisation require a high pace of change of companies. Professional change management can become the crucial core competency in organisations. We would like to advise you on efficient change and internationalisation processes for your company.

Large group interventions

Are you planning to carry out a strategy workshop, large group meetings or a conference? We support you with the design and implementation of large group interventions – engaging, interactive and rich in variety. Our large group interventions ensure a methodologically well designed frame for participants working together on overarching corporate topics and open questions.

Diversity Management

How should a company deal with diversity aspects? Diversity management requires a holistic approach which focusses on employees’ values as well as organisational culture. CultureWaves is looking forward to exchange with you regarding the diversity management approach for your company. 


To integrate new employees from different cultures and backgrounds into an organization, a well-designed onboarding program includes much more than only an introductory training. Comprehensive onboarding programs as part of HR development facilitate the integration of new employees and enhance an employer’s attractiveness. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial consultation on onboarding programs.


In many companies there is an increasing demand of professionals and leaders due to demographic change. Furthermore, the support and integration of refugees and migrants as well as the assumption of social responsibility is important to some companies. We are looking forward to support you with the integration of employees.

Embracing diversity: the CultureWaves team

The CultureWaves team consists of more than 120 qualified consultants and trainers with multiple years of international professional experience in various sectors and positions.

Methodological approach

CultureWaves emphasizes the variety of the applied methods. With decades of experience in designing and delivering customized trainings and workshops, CultureWaves has optimized the training and facilitation methods for your maximum benefit.

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Make use of our experience and competence! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Since 1999, CultureWaves supports companies in their international business as well as in processes of change and internationalisation.

Benefit from the quality of our programmes!

You can reach us via phone +49 (0)2227 908 6252 and email Or just use our contact form.

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