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Presenting successfully on the international stage

Gestures, facial expressions, how arguments are formulated, media, humour or drama: many aspects of presentation techniques are influenced by the presenter’s cultural background, be it the national, regional culture or other subcultures like corporate culture.

In CultureWaves’ presentation training, for groups or individuals,  you will reflect on your own presentation style and learn to perceive it from the point of view of different audiences. You will also experience presentation examples that are appreciated in other cultures.

This will allow you to expand your presentation portfolio and to present more effectively to customers, colleagues and partners with different cultural backgrounds.

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Convincing presentations for international audiences

In times of globalization you need to present not only in front of members from the same culture, but also in front of an international audience.

Our presentation training can focus on culture-specific features of presenting or on presenting in multicultural contexts.

Presentation basics

The training of basic competencies is mainly focused on the presenter him- / herself. Among other things, it deals with stage fright, mental attunement to a presentation and effective preparation and follow-up.

Culture-specific expectations and adaptations of presentation styles

An important and yet often neglected aspect of general presentation training is the modification of a presentation to a specific cultural context. In order to present target group-specific, and thus successfully and convincing, aspects such as presentation structure, presentation style, choice of words, humour and posture should be adapted to the expectations and preferences of the audience.

It is not about giving up your personal presentation style. Rather, it is about how you could be perceived in other cultures and to reflect on how you can communicate your message in a more audience-specific way in a different cultural environment.

While one particular audience prefers a more emotional approach, this may lead to losing the trust and interest of another audience.

The duration of a presentation and the chosen type of media should also be considered carefully. While a video may lighten up some presentation or work as an ice-breaker, the same video may in other circumstances be a mood-killer or even compromise your integrity.

Discover with CultureWaves how to make your presentation culturally sensitive and to adapt your communication style to the respective situation and counterpart.

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What you can expect from our intercultural presentation training

Participants learn to better assess their target audience and choose appropriate presentation style elements from a wide range of options. As a result, they can present convincingly and deal with unforeseen situations more confidently.

With the participation in this training the participants will…

  • understand the influence of cultural values and attitudes on behaviour, presentation and communication styles
  • reflect on their own culture and presentation style and be aware of different perspectives
  • be able to present confidently in front of an international audience
  • know different presentation types / styles and employ them for specific target groups and situations
  • adapt the structure and the rhetoric of the presentation to the audience and therefore communicate more successfully and effectively
  • present their key messages more clearly to international clients, colleagues and suppliers
  • be able to identify critical elements of their presentation and communicate them culturally sensitive
  • understand which information and competencies are important to present in an intercultural setting
  • understand which information and competencies are important to reach their presentation goals in an intercultural context
  • prevent intercultural conflicts and misunderstandings

Successful intercultural presentation training needs to take into account the position and purpose of the presenter. Expectations and context also need to be taken into consideration.

Let us know about your specific situation. We would be glad to tailor the intercultural presentation training to your needs.

CultureWaves presentation training – Content

Understand the effect of your own style
Self-perception and the perception of others

  • Self-perception and the perception of others regarding values and attitudes that culturally influence the presentation and communication style
  • Direct and indirect, high context and low context communication and their importance for preferred presentation styles
  • Nonverbal aspects and body language

Meet the expectations of the audience and present target group oriented

  • Presentations for international audiences – what do people from different cultural backgrounds expect to hear?
  • Expectations of senior management and executives
  • Presentation strategies for an efficient and client-oriented approach
  • Structure and personal presentation style – hands-on exercises and video analysis

Presentations as part of team and project work

  • Challenges and areas of tension in presentations for project teams or in front of external stakeholders
  • Hierarchy orientation and its meaning for presentations in different cultures
  • Virtual presentations – please see our offer of e-facilitation and intercultural coaching

Behaviour in difficult situations and in conflict situations

  • Presenting critical content
  • Interruptions due to interim questions or a silent audience – potential meanings in an intercultural context
  • Risk prevention strategies


  • Essential aspects and practical recommendations for successful presentations on the international stage
  • Reflection of your personal presentation style and areas to improve and develop

Do you have a specific needs and interests?

Depending on your needs and the target group, we integrate topics and training modules into the presentation training and adapt the content to your current situation and specific challenges.

CultureWaves presentation training – How, where and for whom?

  • one-day or several-day training, for individual training or executive presentation coaching we also offer several short training sessions
  • individual or group training
  • face-to-face or virtual
  • on-site or off-site
  • Individual or group training for professionals and managers

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring the intracultural presentation training to your needs!

Embracing diversity: the CultureWaves trainer and consultant team

The CultureWaves team is made up of more than 120 qualified trainers and consultants with multiple years of international professional and training experience in various sectors and positions.

Based on our experts’ broad experience they will provide you with deep insights into presentation styles and their intercultural aspects.

Apart from culture-specific or cross-cultural expertise our specialised consultants also feature know-how in presentation training, for example from acting or as NLP practitioners.

Methodology and approach

CultureWaves uses a variety of methods. With decades of experience in designing and delivering customised training, CultureWaves has optimised its methodology for your maximum benefit.

Our goal: top marks from the participants. Therefore, an evaluation and continuous optimisation of all training measures is a matter of course for us.

Our mix of methods includes; background information for a better understanding of business mentality, interactive group exercises, up-to-date videos, image and data material, working in small groups on practical case studies, discussions and reflections as well as practical recommendations for action.

In presentation training, holding one-on-one presentations, coach and peer group feedback, as well as recording video sequences are helpful methods and used on a regular basis.

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