Network partners

SIETAR Germany 

SIETAR Germany (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) is Germany’s largest association for people who are working in the field of intercultural collaboration and cultural diversity. SIETAR Deutschland has currently more than 500 members.

The managing director of CultureWaves, Christine Wirths, has been a member of SIETAR since 1994. She was president of SIETAR Germany for three years and member of the board for six years. Since 2012, she is member of the advisory board. Christine and her team have contributed to the design, facilitation and organization of numerous SIETAR Germany congresses in the last decades.

SIETAR Europa 

SIETAR(Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) is Europe‘s largest association of interculturalists and part of the worldwide SIETAR network.

SIETAR works to:

  • contribute to more effective communication among people of different cultures and backgrounds
  • enhance intercultural awareness in policy-making, business, education and civil society
  • establish an ever-widening network of intercultural specialists
  • provide multi-disciplinary, professional expertise
  • contribute to the development of professional standards
  • encourage publication and promote research
  • provide opportunities for personal and professional exchanges
  • hold regional, national and international conferences

Worldwork Ltd.

WorldWork creates intercultural training and development solutions that build trust and help leaders, teams and organisations to succeed in the global marketplace.

p4d – partnership for development GmbH

p4d stands for systemic organisational development and a meaningful design of the future. The p4d team discovers its clients’ team spirit, creates a feeling of togetherness and designs processes for teams which address all senses, trigger developments and improve performance. p4d offers expertise for organisational development, for analysis and facilitation.

Culture Waves
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