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International organisational development with intercultural competence

What role does ‘culture’ play for the employees in your organisation? What impact do unconscious bias, intercultural competence and diversity management have on internationalisation processes in cross-border projects, global transformation, reorganisation measures and international project and team work?

While the development of intercultural competence has been a part of HR and leadership development for many years, intercultural organisational development often still plays a subordinate role. Organisations regularly attempt a shotgun approach by eagerly ordering intercultural initiatives for ad-hoc needs, e.g. for expatriates just before their departure and for teams or leaders in conflict situations. These measures rarely build on each other nor are they interconnected, related to organisational processes or sustainable. Intercultural competence development is neither defined clearly, nor communicated and rarely lived up to by the senior international leaders as role models.

Our consulting work will point to where in your organisation you need to put your focus.  If you want your company to be more successful in the international marketplace by following a holistic approach, we can support you to be more competitive.

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Strategy development and business culture

  • How much is your business culture and strategy characterised by the diversity of your employees?
  • What impact and influence do your international professionals and leaders have on changes and developments in your organisation?
  • What role does intercultural competence play in communicating and in implementing strategic decisions?
  • Which stage of intercultural development are the majority of your internationally working employees at? Which degree of intercultural competence does your organisation want to reach?
  • Locally, your business culture is shaped by cultural preferences. How do you manage to develop elements for a global business culture and team spirit that connects local organisations, affiliates, organisational units, functional areas and teams with each other?

International business and leadership culture lived in the organisation

  • Are people key when it comes to defining your organisation? How can the relationships with clients, suppliers and employees from different countries and cultures be shaped so that the potential for intercultural misunderstandings is recognized and avoided?
  • Awareness of the style and content in intercultural communication, feedback, design of virtual and face-to-face meetings etc. influences business and leadership culture.
  • It is important to recognize the challenges brought about by international orientation and digital transformation of an organisation. Satisfying requirements commonly strengthens identification with the company globally and promotes an organisational development that integrates culture(s).
  • Highly qualified professionals nowadays collaborate from different locations all over the world. International project work requires intercultural as well as virtual competencies. Intercultural organisational development can create the awareness and the requirements for successful international project collaboration.

We are happy to advice you and to design an individual offer on intercultural organisational development for you after having analysed your context and needs. Please contact us via +49 (0)2227 908 6252 and at Or just make use of our contact form.

Approaches possible

  • Analysis of context, needs and culture
  • Consultancy on the design and implementation of change processes as well as new and innovative forms of working
  • Support of transformation projects in different languages
  • Facilitation of large group interventions, BarCamps, labs and workshops
  • Co-creation of sustainable development initiatives
  • Systemic approach for the holistic introduction and integration of intercultural competence in interconnected organisational and HR development measures

Embracing diversity: the CultureWaves’ consultant team

The multicultural CultureWaves team consists of more than 120 qualified consultants with multiple years of international professional experience in international change processes of different organisations and industries.

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