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CultureWaves has been supporting organisational change as a result of ‘going international’ for 20 years

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We provide consulting and customised learning and development offers to our clients. We aim at recognizing the specific needs of our clients and designing bespoke development measures with our experienced consultants. Whether they take place F2F or virtually, in large group interventions, as workshops or as coaching – we adjust our offer flexibly according to the your needs.

The trustful and long-time collaboration with our clients and the open exchange with our team colleagues motivate us every day to give our best.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

You can reach us via +49 (0)2227 908 6252 and at contact@culturewaves.com. Or just use our contact form.

Founder and managing director Christine Wirths about CultureWaves

How CultureWaves came into being

After having worked as intercultural consultant and trainer for international companies for several years, three of my clients from different industries encouraged me in 1999 to establish my own company with a network of international consultants. ‘CultureWaves’ as company name came to my mind when I was at the beach in Thailand… And yes, the company name has something to do with both, our core topic as well as my name… With ‘culture’, I associate joint and differing values and attitudes which shape us and influence our behaviour… ‘Waves’ represent to me movement, water as a life connecting element, navigation through the unfamilar and much more.

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What’s my motivation

Even though I had already lived and worked in four countries before, it was only in 1993, in the fifth country, when I realised that intercultural competence would have helped me and others to prevent misunderstandings in many situations. After more than 20 years of collaboration with people from different cultures, it motivates me every day time and again to experience the positive outcome once people recognize the potential of diversity. It is a learning journey, unlimited in time and space which fascinates me so much that I look forward to continuing this profession for many more years to come.

What is my contribution

Whether in my role as founder and managing director of CultureWaves or as consultant, facilitator or coach – I invite people to change perspective. I invest my energy so that people better understand themselves and each other and go into a more respectful, open and efficient exchange. Each encounter, each conversation and each group situation is designed differently, depending on people’s individuality and the complexity of the overall context. I look at this with humility and respect. My goal is to contribute to avoiding and solving conflicts. I would like to inspire people to discover the opportunities and advantages of diversity. My courage to be open, creative and flexible helps me and my team to find solutions for our clients’ challenges.

Culture Waves
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