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International employees as key to more success for your company and across the globe

CultureWaves advises renowned customers to successfully integrate international employees.

Would you like to integrate professionals and leaders who have been recruited abroad into your European organisational units? Or would you like to support people in their integration process and offer them professional qualifications or a job?

Given the dramatic affects of demographic change and wide-ranging internationalisation, many companies experience an increasing need for qualified personnel and managers. Others promote the support of refugees and social responsibility. CultureWaves would like to support you in perceiving this development as an opportunity to open your company to other cultures and to leverage diversity as an enriching asset towards your organisation’s success.

We are looking forward to offering you a suitable training or to tailoring an Integration Programme to your specific needs. You can reach us via phone +49 (0)2227 908 6252 and email Or just use our contact form.

Success factors for the integration of foreign employees or employees with a migrant background

A strategy is needed for recruiting and selecting professionals and leaders from abroad. In addition, you need a strategy for the integration of foreign or migrant employees into your local sites.

Expectations of foreign employees or employees with a migrant background vary depending on their country of origin. Therefore it is important to develop an interculturally sensitive integration approach tailored to the needs and starting point of your company and of the international employees whom you recruit.

For one employee intercultural trainings to quickly adapt to the working life of the new culture might be vital and for another one support intervention by an HR contact person or a mentor might be important.And the third candidate might require language courses alongside work to facilitate integration.

Interculturaltraining helpsinternational employees to better understand the culture of their new host country and thereby make integration easier. However Integration Training should not be confined to that.We also recommend offering intercultural training to HR staff, leaders and mentors in incorporating departments.The integration of foreign or migrant employees gives your company and all of your employees the opportunity to improve the understanding for other cultures and for the perception of their own culture abroad. This organisational learning and reflection process leads to the development of intercultural competence, which builds an important foundation for the interaction with international customers, colleagues and suppliers.

We also recommend mentoring programmes. In addition to leaders in charge, a mentor can be assigned to an international employee to accompany him as a supportive contact person to accommodate and build trust.

Besides these aspects, administrative and logistic support plays an important role in successful integration at the workplace and in the company. Further training might be needed to impart product and company specific know-how.

We are looking forward to advising you for successful integration of international employees and employees with a migrant background.

Embracing diversity: the CultureWaves trainer team

The CultureWaves team is made up of more than 100 qualified trainers and consultants with multiple years of professional experience in various sectors and positions. Our senior trainers have made their own management and leadership experience. Based on this broad experience our experts will provide you with deep insights into the various aspects for the integration of international professionals and leaders.

Methodological approach

CultureWaves emphasises the variety of methods applied. With decades of experience in designing and delivering customised HR and organisational development initiatives, we offer you a large portfolio of suitable measures and have continuously optimised our methodology for your maximum benefit.

Business-oriented expertise

The CultureWaves trainer team has profound expertise through:

  • Multicultural life and work experience
  • Consultants, coaching, training and facilitation qualifications
  • Native or multilingual language skills
  • Many years of professional and leadership experience

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You can reach us via phone +49 (0)2227 908 6252 and email Or just use our contact form.

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