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Intercultural Management as key to your international success

CultureWaves is your partner for the development of intercultural management competencies. In customised training we address managers and professionals of international companies and support them in enhancing their management strategies and behavioural options for the intercultural collaboration. In this way successful leadership and interaction with international customers, colleagues, suppliers and other business partners can be achieved.

Besides training we offer coachings, leadership and team development programmes and e-learning solutions.

We are happy to advise you and develop intercultural management training tailored to your needs.

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Intercultural management training – objectives

This practice-oriented intercultural management training supports managers and executives who are working internationally to devote more attention to opportunities and challenges of intercultural management and leadership.

With the participation in this training the participants will…

  • be able to better assess and understand communication behaviour in intercultural communication situations
  • learn to recognise and avoid intercultural misunderstandings
  • broaden their behavioural options for the interaction with customers, colleagues and other business partners around the globe
  • develop strategies for the behaviour in (difficult) international encounters and be able to identify failure and success factors in international relationship building
  • get to know themselves and their preferred management style better and perceive the impacts of their preferences on colleagues and business partners from other cultures
  • become familiar with leadership styles in international comparison and devote attention to their culture specific background

Intercultural management training – possible content

The impact of culture on working life, self-perception and perception of others

  • Cultural factors influencing working methods, management and leadership styles
  • Self-perception and perception of others regarding values, attitudes and behaviours in the work context

Intercultural communication

  • Communication styles in international comparison: intentions, possible misinterpretations and misunderstandings
  • Factors for failure and success in international relationship building: introductions, small talk and non-verbal communication
  • Specific challenges in face-to-face contact, in virtual meetings, emails or on the phone

Meetings, team und project work

  • Best Practices for organising and arranging international meetings and conferences
  • Culture-specific behaviour in project work (time management, presentation style, know-how transfer, decision-making processes, motivational factors etc.)
  • Expectations regarding project and team work in international comparison


  • Expectations and requirements of managers in virtual multi-national teams and in matrix organisations
  • Delegating and tracking tasks in multicultural teams and achieving results efficiently
  • Providing culturally and linguistically appropriate feedback
  • Creating synergies and making use of the diversity of multicultural teams
  • Culture-based preferences for certain management styles

How to behave in challenging situations and in case of conflict

  • The meaning of trust and how trust can be built
  • Avoiding conflicts and recognising behavioural patterns in conflicts
  • Conflict resolution strategies for the interaction with partners from different cultures

Intercultural competence – principles of successful in intercultural management

  • What is intercultural competence?
  • Necessary and helpful attitudes, skills and competencies
  • Development and action plan for individual participants and for the group

Do you have specific needs?

Depending on your needs and target group, CultureWaves can integrate your topics and further training modules in your intercultural management training. We are happy to tailor contents to the current needs of your company and the specific challenges of the participant group.

Intercultural Management Training – how, where and for whom?

  • Customised multi-day training
  • Design and implementation of leadership development programmes with several training modules
  • individual or group training
  • face-to-face or virtual
  • on-site or off-site
  • for managers of all levels

Embracing diversity: the CultureWaves trainer team

The CultureWaves trainer team is made up of more than 120 qualified trainers and consultants with multiple years of international professional and training experience in various sectors and positions. Our senior trainers draw upon their own management and leadership experience. Based on this broad experience our experts will provide you with deep insights into the different aspects of Intercultural Management.

Methodology and approach

CultureWaves offers behaviour-oriented training which is characterized by focussing on the participants’ needs, interactive approaches and practical relevance.

Our approach comprises background information to better understand business mentalities, interactive group exercises, and up-to-date videos and graphics. Participants are given an opportunity to work on case studies, participate in group discussions, and reflect on what they have heard. In addition, we provide you with practice-oriented recommendations designed to help your business success.

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You can reach us via phone +49 (0)2227 908 6252 and email Or just use our contact form.

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