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Building bridges with our Intercultural Communication Training

This practice-oriented Intercultural Communication Training conveys the impact of culture on preferred communication patterns in different countries and cultures.

Companies which wish to be internationally successful need employees who are culturally-sensitive when communicating with international business partners. Adequate intercultural communication with customers, colleagues and suppliers leads to a sustainable, valued collaboration for all parties.

Employees of multinational companies face specific challenges: They have to communicate successfully with business partners from different cultural backgrounds. Even more so, communication takes place virtually to a great extent; face-to-face meetings to help building relationships and trust with communication partners are often not possible.

With our Intercultural Communication Training we aim at building bridges for a better and more successful communication.

We are happy to advise you and to tailor the training to your specific needs.

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What you can expect from our Intercultural Communication Training

With the participation in this training the participants will…

  • Sharpen their own cultural perception and develop a broader understanding of different perspectives
  • Improve their understanding of the impact of cultural values and attitudes on communication styles
  • Gain a better understanding of communication styles of international business partners
  • Reflect on their experiences with people from other cultures
  • Learn to recognise and avoid intercultural misunderstandings in written, oral and non-verbal communication
  • Develop strategies to handle difficult communication situations
  • Broaden their skill set for communicating and dealing with international customers, colleagues and suppliers

Intercultural Communication – Possible training content

  • Reflection on experiences with people from other cultures
  • Opportunities, realities and challenges of virtual and intercultural communication
  • Self-perception and perception of others regarding values, attitudes and ways of communication of selected target cultures relevant for the participants
  • Cultural characters and intercultural misunderstandings
  • Comparison of international communication styles: origins and reasons for potential misinterpretations and unexpected reactions in feedback conversations; codes and practical formulation guides
  • English as foreign language and the use of interpreters and translators – recommendations from practice
  • Collaboration in multicultural work groups and international projects: culture specific aspects of non-verbal and verbal communication in emails, on the phone or in meetings
  • Communicating and facilitating virtually – tips for successful work at a distance

…and further topics and focus areas depending on your needs.

We recommend customised measures for presenting and negotiating internationally. The subject areas are broad and therefore benefit from measures which are specifically tailored to the business context of the customer.

Intercultural Communication Training – How, where and for whom?

  • one-day or two-day training
  • individual or group training
  • customized, behaviour-oriented, sensitising, tailored to target group or generic
  • depending on formerly acquired knowledge or business specific needs also offered as workshop, as interactive presentation or as keynote speech or integrated in team building workshops
  • face-to-face or virtual
  • on-site or off-site
  • for employees of all levels, professionals and managers, for teams or as function- or task-specific training

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring the Intercultural Communication Training to your needs!

Embracing diversity: the CultureWaves trainer team

The CultureWaves trainer team is made up of more than 100 qualified trainers and consultants with multiple years of international professional and training experience in various sectors and positions.

Based on our experts’ broad experience they will provide you with deep insights into the opportunities and challenges of intercultural communication and collaboration.

Intercultural Communication Training – methodical approach

CultureWaves offers behaviour-oriented trainings which are characterized by focussing on participant needs, interactive approaches and practical relevance.

CultureWaves emphasises the variety of methods applied. With decades of experience in designing and delivering customised trainings, CultureWaves has optimised its implementation methodology for your maximum benefit.

Our goal: top marks from the participants. Therefore, an evaluation and continuous optimisation of all training measures is a matter of course for us.

Business-oriented expertise

The CultureWaves trainer team has profound expertise through:

  • Many years of professional experience
  • Multicultural background or multiple years spent in different countries
  • Training qualification
  • Native or multilingual language skills


For the Intercultural Communication Training CultureWaves uses latest video and graphic footage and gives you authentic insights into other cultures and realms of work.

Interactive training style

CultureWaves supports you to better understand other business mentalities, gain more security in the collaboration with colleagues and business partners from other cultures as well as broaden participant’s personal skill set through:

  • Role plays
  • Interactive group exercises
  • Exchange of experiences in the international work context
  • Individual exercises and personal reflection
  • Personal feedback by trainer and peers
  • Work on critical incidents or business cases in small groups
  • Discussion and reflection
  • Background information for a better understanding of the business mentality in other cultures
  • Practical recommendations and tips for further self-paced learning

If you are interested please feel free to contact us!

We are looking forward to writing a proposal for you or answering any remaining questions.

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…and many more. We are happy to advise you on our range of services.

With competence and experience at your disposal. We look forward to hearing from you!

Since 1999, CultureWaves delivers customised trainings for corporate customers all around the world.

Benefit from the quality of our trainings!

You can reach us via phone +49 (0)2227 908 6252 and email Or just use our contact form.

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