The International Profiler

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An intercultural management development tool for managers and professionals working internationally

Working and leading in an international context places high demands on professionals and managers.

With the well-established and internationally acknowledged tool “The International Profiler” people get to know their personal set of intercultural competencies. These competencies are identified using a psychometric questionnaire. The competency profile is analysed together with a licensed coach, making references to current and future tasks at work. Managers recognize how their individual profile and behavioural preferences affect the collaboration with international business counterparts and colleagues. A detailed personal feedback report as well as an individual feedback and coaching session help to clarify which skills and capabilities need further development.

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Benefits, goals and content

  • Reflect on your individual competency profile and discover your ‘intercultural DNA’
  • Get to know key competencies to interact more successfully in your international working context
  • Reflect on your communication and work style with the support of our accredited coach, and extend your range of styles
  • Expand your behavioural options to meet the upcoming challenges, depending on your future role and responsibilities
  • Work more effectively with your international partners
  • Recognise those competencies which you need to develop in order to facilitate leading and working in your international context
  • Recognise and prevent critical encounters in international business situations
  • Together with your coach, create your personal development plan

The international profiler’ identifies 10 competencies and 22 behavioural dimensions. Your individual profile can be compared to the profiles of thousands of international managers. ‘The International Profiler’ measures individual qualities in regards to attitudes, behavioural preferences and knowledge areas.

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‘The International Profiler’ – More details

  • Target group: All managers and professionals who work internationally
  • Format: personal report based on a psychometric questionnaire plus individual feedback and coaching session with an accredited coach; virtual or face-to face. As stand-alone tool, embedded in a coaching process or as part of a blended learning programme
  • Time investment: approximately 2 hours including pre- and post work, online questionnaire, self-assessment and feedback session
  • Languages: German, English, Chinese, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish. Feedback session also possible in other languages upon request
  • Extensive coverage: used by more than 14.000 managers and a well-known client base

Combination with other programmes

‘The International Profiler’ can be used

  • as stand-alone tool
  • for leadership development
  • as part of a coaching process
  • as part of a programme on intercultural management, intercultural communication or multicultural team building
  • for expatriation training / coaching
  • as part of blended learning programs
  • with individual participants, within teams or organizations
  • for international employees in the context of HR development or on-boarding programs
  • face-to-face or virtually

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