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Change processes often create complex challenges for managers and employees. Digitisation and internationalisation add to the challenge by speeding up the change in organisations. Thus, professional change management strategies can become a core competency vital to an organisation’s success.

Change management as one aspect of internationalisation also requires intercultural competency to communicate and implement change in an interculturally sensitive way.

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What significance do change processes have for your business, your leaders and employees?

A company’s ability to change and adapt is crucial in a globally connected world. Leaders and employees alike are required to adapt quickly, to stay up to date regarding new trends and topics, as well as to develop their competency and skills.

Leaders as change agents are expected to promote change processes, engage employees through visionary leadership and navigate their team on the journey towards new structures, processes, and changing roles. To act successfully in such a fast changing environment, pro-active communication, a steering capability for complex processes and courage to deal with challenging situations and resistance are needed. In an international environment, the ability to self-reflect and interpret different perspectives and behaviours becomes another essential skill for change agents.

Frequent change can increase employees’ stress levels. Stress in the workplace decreases staff flexibility and performance and can create anxieties. An unstable work environment can hinder a positive attitude towards new and unfamiliar situations. This becomes particularly difficult when working in international contexts.

With coaching and other learning and qualification initiatives, organisations can make their employees fit for change. Switching perspectives to realise opportunities, added value and benefits of change and internationalisation can alter employees’ attitude towards change.

We happily advise you by drafting a customised approach to successfully implement change processes in your organisation.

We have the expertise to advise you in drafting a customised approach to successfully implement change processes in your organisation! Contact us to find out more about how we can support you.

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Change management – Topics for consulting and further training

  • Analysis of the upcoming change processes: Current and future state, stakeholder analysis, anticipation of potential challenges / barriers
  • Planning and designing change processes
  • Analysis of corporate culture and culture change
  • Affected and involved people: different roles in change processes
  • Managers/leaders as change agents
  • Handling challenging situations and resistance
  • Factors hindering change and potential difficulties
  • Challenges for leaders and employees, potential development programs
  • Intercultural challenges in international change processes
    – Different stages of change processes and cultural difference in dealing with change
    – Understanding the perception of trust and how to build trust in different cultures
    – Intercultural sensitive internal and external communication
    – Implementing change processes with a culturally adequate methodology
    – Implementing new organisational and leadership cultures at different locations worldwide
  • Making change processes successful

We are glad to discuss your organisation’s needs and support you during the change process.


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