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International team leadership

You lead employees from different countries? Different attitudes as well as different communication and working styles bring along chances and challenges. Whether you act as disciplinary leader or professional team leader of a multicultural project team: you can use the advantages of diversity to optimize collaboration if you act with intercultural and integrative competence.

Our customized training programmes offer leaders valuable learning and reflection experiences to lead international teams more effectively and to further develop intercultural competencies. Training focuses on practical application, not on theory.

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Interculturally competent and effective leadership of international teams

Your company does not only maintain business relationships with clients and suppliers all around the globe but also employs people in numerous countries. You expect your team and project leaders to not only lead people locally in their mother tongue, but you also need them to lead multicultural teams. Usually, the team members agree upon the working language with the broadest and deepest common ground, for example, English as lingua franca. The team is often spread over different locations, countries and sometimes even time zones.

Misunderstandings through different communication and working styles, expectations towards style of leadership, giving feedback and dealing with conflicts and motivation vary according to the people’s cultural imprint.

Support your leaders in developing their intercultural competency and international team leadership! In our practical leadership trainings, the participants develop both: a better understanding of the impact of their leadership style in an international context as well as the skill to recognize the complexity of diverse working cultures and the use of alternative leadership tools and techniques.

It is essential for us to make leaders reflect on different perspectives, attitudes and approaches. It is essential for us to mirror different views, attitudes and approaches to participating leaders. We illustrate which consequences and risks leadership with lacking intercultural competence bears on the performance of international teams.

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Training on “international team leadership“ – possible content

  • Features of international leaders and international teams
  • Realities and challenges for internationally acting leaders – exchanging experiences and lessons learned
  • Features of successful international teams
  • Quality criteria for international team leadership

Leadership and communication styles compared internationally

  • Reflection on their own leadership style
  • Communication preferences, intentions and expectations
  • Cultural differences regarding feedback and motivation
  • The application of diverse communication styles and methods for virtual meetings amongst international teams
  • Intercultural facilitation competency – what does it encompass?
  • Recognize and solve misunderstandings and subtle conflicts based on cultural differences with cultural sensitivity

Multicultural teams and intercultural collaboration

  • Understanding project teams working in different cultures
  • Planning processes, concept of time, meaning of hierarchy
  • Alignment of process comprehension and objectives within the multicultural team
  • Accepting and leveraging differences, creating synergies

Team process and team development

  • The stages of development of a team and consequences for international team work
  • Recognizing the international team members’ trust criteria and developing an appropriate leadership style
  • Common process design and creation of mandatory regulations
  • Setting and celebrating milestones, creating common experiences
  • Recognizing and solving conflicts within the team and using them for the team development

Leading international employees at a distance – challenges

  • leading employees in different locations successfully: agreeing upon objectives, motivating, clarifying expectations and acting with authority
  • giving constructive and culturally sensitive feedback in virtual conversations and team meetings
  • expanding leadership competencies and range of behavioural options

Do you have special needs?

After a context and needs analysis and with view of the target group, we integrate your priority development topics into the training concept. Within the facilitation process of our leadership trainings we elaborate on the company specific challenges, your questions and your special requests.

Embracing diversity: the CultureWaves’ consultant team

The CultureWaves team consists of more than 120 qualified trainers and consultants with multiple years of international professional experience in various sectors and positions. Our trainers bring along their own leadership experience of international teams as well as further qualifications.

Methodological approach

CultureWaves uses a variety of methods. With decades of experience in designing and delivering customized training seminars and workshops, CultureWaves has optimized training and facilitation methods for your maximum benefit.

Behaviour-oriented CultureWaves trainings and leadership workshops are characterized by high participant-orientation, interactive formats and practical relevance. Our mix of methodologies contains background information for a better understanding of different business mentalities, interactive group exercises, small group work on different topics and case studies from the participants’ own experience, discussions and reflection as well as hands-on guidance for your business success.

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