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Get CultureConnector as your platform for intercultural competence and prepare for your meetings with international business partners, when and where it suits you.

CultureConnector is designed for business people who deal with people from different cultures, both virtually and in face-to-face situations.

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You will get answers and ideas on questions such as:

  • How do my communication and working styles seem to people from other cultures?
  • What are my international colleagues and business partners expecting from me, and what are they used to?
  • How are negotiations done in China, India or Romania?
  • What communication style is appropriate for interacting with Mexicans?
  • Why does my international business partner not react to my emails?
  • What preferences does my colleague have? In what ways are we most compatible and how can we use the synergies?

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You can get CultureConnector

  • as an individual licence
  • for a team
  • as a blended-learning package with training
  • as an enterprise solution for a large organisation.

Just ask for more details. We will be delighted to answer!

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