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We offer customized blended learning programs on virtual and international collaboration for leaders and professionals as well as for multicultural teams.

Blended learning combines face-to-face programs with self-regulated e-learning or virtual coaching.

Blended learning facilitates self-regulated, flexible learning independent of participants’ location and working hours. Teams have the possibility to get to know each other personally during face-to-face phases and can train international collaboration at a distance parallel during the online parts of the program.

Why blended learning?

The combination of face-to-face training and virtual modules offers many advantages for our clients:

  • Team building and networking, reflection and personal exchange in face-to-face phases
  • Self-regulated learning in e-learning modules provide for flexibility with regards to time and location
  • Promotion of virtual teamwork in (partly) facilitated virtual collaboration phases for remote teams
  • Guidance for professionals regarding virtual facilitation in a ‘learning by doing’ approach
  • Virtual coaching for leaders in challenging situations and depending on development goals
  • Reduced travel budgets and travel time

Examples for blended learning programs on international collaboration

Masterclass for prospective leaders from different countries

  • Face-to-face training on intercultural communication and realities and challenges of working in virtual multicultural teams
  • E-learning phase: facilitation of virtual team meetings, virtual team work
  • Virtual coaching and application of the intercultural competency development tool ‘The International Profiler
  • Second face-to-face program in which deliverables of the virtual teams are presented to upper management; presentation training, reflection on the virtual collaboration process, team development modules, challenges, opportunities and synergies working in a virtual multicultural team; personal development plan based on this learning experience and based on the coaching session with ‘The International Profiler

Blended learning programs for multicultural teams

  • Face-to-face phase: kick-off meeting with modules on intercultural collaboration, intercultural communication competencies and team development
  • E-learning phase: according to specific needs using various e-learning or blended learning tools for the development of multicultural teams i. e. ‘The International Preferences Indicator’, ‘Team Trust Indicator’, ‘Managing Multicultural Teams’, ‘CultureConnector’ or combined with a virtual, hands-on team project
  • Second face-to-face phase after having reached a project milestone; further team development, integrating the results of the blended learning tools or for the presentation of team project results

Blended learning approach for expatriates

  • Needs analysis and access to ‘The International Profiler‘ for individual competency development prior to expatriation (optional)
  • Country-specific face-to-face (or virtual) training prior to expatriation
  • Coaching session focusing on ‘The International Profiler’ with a licensed coach (can also be integrated in face-to-face training)
  • Virtual coaching during the international assignment to support the expatriate abroad in challenging and difficult situations (ad hoc support possible)

Blended learning approach to coaching for international leaders

  • Initial coaching session (face-to-face or virtual) to agree on targets and build trust between coach and coachee
  • Integration of e-learning programs to build intercultural knowledge, for example with ‘CultureConnector’ or ‘Managing Multicultural Teams’ or to develop intercultural competencies with ‘The International Profiler
  • Virtual coaching as needed on development topics resulting from the international leadership role

Do you have specific needs?

Depending on your needs and target group we customise our programs to suit your current situation and company specific challenges. Please contact us!

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