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The reasons for conflict are as diverse as the different styles of its expression.

Often, conflicts evolve and persist unconsciously and are undiscovered by the parties involved.

This can be seen for example in teamwork that does not work for no apparent reason.

Depending on cultural background, emotional or objective conflicts can be carried out openly. Such conflicts are then visible and more comprehensible to participating parties and others.

Conflicts caused by culture are often not as easily grasped. The conflict parties are sometimes not aware of why their counterpart feels misunderstood or why their counterpart reacts in one way or another. Especially in teams that consist of members from different cultural backgrounds, these conflicts are sometimes incomprehensible for other team members who are indirectly involved.

CultureWaves supports you in reflecting on the causes of conflict and forms of conflict resolution as well as on the differences between your own perception and the perception of others. In this way you learn to handle and to overcome difficult situations with cultural sensitivity.

Find out how to anticipate conflicts and if possible solve them in a win-win and face-saving manner before the conflict has a lasting negative impact on your company’s or your team’s performance.

Improve the global collaboration with team members, business partners, customers and suppliers and act more effectively in an international working environment.

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring a Conflict Resolution Workshop to your specific needs.

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What you can expect from our Conflict Resolution Workshop

With the participation in this workshop participants will:

  • sharpen their own perception and develop more understanding for multiple perspectives
  • understand the influence of cultural values on behaviour, working, communication and conflict style
  • resolve conflicts more effectively and be able to create win-win and face-saving situations
  • reflect on the difference between being right and being in the right and be able to assess their own position more precisely
  • be able to anticipate which aspects of their own culture might irritate their business partners and thus develop a deeper understanding for their reaction
  • understand which competencies are important for dealing with conflicts in a constructive way
  • be provided with helpful communication strategies to settle conflicts successfully

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring the Conflict Resolution Workshop to your specific needs.

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Conflict Resolution Workshop – possible contents

Self-perception and perception by others

How values, attitudes and ways of behaviour in conflict situations tend to be perceived by yourself and by others

Meetings, team and project work

  • Team phases – the correlation between team development phases and team conflicts, e.g. in the storming or norming phase
  • Anticipation and mediation of conflicts in theory and practice
  • Reflecting together to come to terms with conflicts in a team


  • Identifying conflicts and their roots
  • Meaning of hierarchy and status in conflicts
  • Counteracting the conflict spiral
  • Mediating conflicts – giving space to arguing parties
  • Solving conflicts effectively by creating win-win and face-saving situations

Culture-specific ways to deal with conflict

  • Culture-specific conflict styles and strategies to avoid conflicts
  • Providing culture-sensitive feedback

Presenting and negotiating

Persuading others to agree in a culture-sensitive way without losing the approval of employees or colleagues

Summary of key learnings

Wrap up and practical recommendations to understand conflict situations and develop successful strategies for conflict resolution

Do you have specific needs?

Depending on your needs and target group, CultureWaves can integrate your topics in the virtual or face-to-face Conflict Resolution Workshop and tailor contents to your business-specific challenges.

Conflict Resolution Workshop – How and where?

  • 1.5 or 2 day workshop
  • Tailored to your needs or as a standard training
  • On-site or off-site
  • virtual, face-to-face or blended learning

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring the Conflict Resolution Workshop to your specific needs.

Embracing diversity: the CultureWaves trainer team

The CultureWaves team is made up of more than 120 qualified trainers and consultants with multiple years of professional experience in various sectors and positions.

Methodological approach

CultureWaves emphasises the variety of methods applied. With decades of experience in designing and delivering customised trainings and workshops, CultureWaves has optimised its facilitation methods for your maximum benefit.

Business-oriented expertise

The CultureWaves trainer team has profound expertise through:

  • Multicultural experience
  • Profound qualifications and education
  • Training qualification
  • Native or multilingual language skills
  • Many years of professional experience
  • Profound knowledge and background information for a better understanding of the business mentality

Interactive training and workshop facilitation style

CultureWaves supports the understanding of the causes of conflict, an efficient review of conflicts and the broadening of personal skill sets through:

  • Role plays
  • Behaviour-oriented individual and group exercises
  • Exchange of experiences on conflicts
  • Individual exercises and exercises for reflection
  • Personal feedback discussion
  • Work on business case studies in small groups
  • Discussion and reflection
  • Practical recommendations and tips for self-paced learning

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