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Individual support in interculturally challenging situations

Due to increasing internationalisation, intercultural coaching is becoming more and more important.

An intercultural coach helps you to manage challenging and complex processes during expatriation, international collaboration or fulfilling specific tasks in a multicultural context.

Our clients are faced with cross-cultural challenges not only abroad, but also locally, as intercultural cooperation becomes commonplace in multinational companies, with international colleagues and business partners of different cultural origin.

Intercultural coaching offers the possibility to respond to the individual needs of a coachee, taking into account his / her professional situation and position, previous experience and personality.

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Coaching – When, how and for whom?

  • Intercultural coaching is based on the coachee’s individual resources and experiences, and strengthens his problem solving skills
  • Voluntary cooperation, neutrality, discretion and confidentiality as well as mutual trust between coach and coachee as a necessary foundation for coaching.
  • Our coaches usually work systemically. This means they consider the coachee’s environment, interdependencies as well as his or her own impact and position in this system.  The coach leads the coachee through the development process and activates his or her potential through target-oriented exercises and interventions to find the coachee’s own solutions.
  • CultureWaves consults the client, when it comes to the selection of the coach. Agreement on goals and the coaching process are aligned with the coachee and, if applicable, with the coachee’s manager and HR.
  • We recommend that coaching sessions do not take place in the coachee’s office. We can offer coaching inhouse, in our own coaching rooms as well as virtually or offsite.

Possible topics of intercultural coaching

Intercultural coaching can give support in the following situations:

  • Complex upcoming tasks in an intercultural setting
  • Tasks in the context of international rollouts
  • Leading and managing of multicultural teams
  • Conflict mediation in intercultural settings
  • Setting up or integrating international affiliates following internationalisation
  • Integration of employees from other cultures and countries
  • Expatriation of managers or professionals and their families

Possible topics:

  • Intercultural communication, also tailored to specific working situations or specific countries
  • Project roll-outs in other countries – approach, stakeholder analysis, internal and external communication, etc.
  • Leadership style – How to deal with employees from a specific culture or with employees and teams of multicultural backgrounds? What is my personal leadership style? Which leadership style is common in my company and shapes international cooperation?
  • Negotiations with international business partners
  • Presentations in front of an international audience
  • Conflict management in different cultures – How can I prevent conflicts, which conflict resolution styles exist in international comparison and which conflict resolution strategy is suitable for existing conflicts in my business surrounding?

The range of topics for intercultural coaching is multifaceted. We are happy to advise you on your individual situation and introduce coaches and experts suitable for your needs.

Embracing diversity: the CultureWaves trainer team

The CultureWaves trainer team is made up of more than 120 qualified consultants with multiple years of international professional and coaching experience in various sectors and positions. Our senior coaches draw upon their own management and leadership experience.

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