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E-learning programmes for your success in the international business world

E-learning programmes offer you self-directed learning and flexibility in terms of time and location. Gain and expand on your intercultural knowledge and enhance your competence for the collaboration with international business partners and in multicultural, virtual teams.

CultureConnector – country-specific knowledge for international business

CultureConnector provides you with intercultural knowledge about business-related behaviours in numerous countries worldwide – around the clock:

  • Intercultural information about more than 70 target countries
  • Creation of a personal profile regarding preferred work methods and culturally shaped attitudes
  • Comparison of your preferred working style with the CultureConnector target cultures regarding 12 basic cultural orientations, e.g. importance of hierarchies, rule-orientation, time management, problem solving, etc.
  • Further information and practice-related tips for dealing with intercultural challenges
  • Comparison of your profile with team colleagues (optional)

Here you will find answers to questions like:

  • What does my intercultural competence profile look like?
  • Which culturally shaped preferences feature my communication and work style?
  • What do my international colleagues and business partners expect from me; which ways of communication and work are they used to?
  • How are negotiations conducted for example in China, India or in Romania?
  • Which communication style is suitable for the exchange with Mexicans?

Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to taking you on an online tour of CultureConnector and providing you with different license packages.

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Managing Multicultural Teams – an online course about managing international teams


This e-learning course introduces you to the challenges of multicultural virtual teams, demonstrates options for communication and interaction in difficult situations and conveys proven practices for the management of international teams.

Further content:

  • Challenges which managers of multicultural teams might face
  • Cultural awareness and a better understanding for the development stages of international project teams
  • Demonstrating options for action which can help multicultural teams to achieve high performance

Managing distance and developing competencies for successful work in multicultural virtual teams

How and for whom?

  • Online course in English
  • Three course modules of 40 minutes each which build upon each other
  • Interactive course, download of summaries and recommendations as pdf documents
  • A stand-alone course or as part of blended learning programmes

Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to advising you regarding the course on ‘Managing Multicultural Teams’ in your business context.

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You can reach us via phone +49 (0)2227 908 6252 and email contact@culturewaves.com. Or just use our contact form.

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