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Our Intercultural South Korea Training offers recommendations for a successful collaboration with South Korean business partners.

South Korea is a dynamic industrial country which is constantly striving for modern technologies. It has an exceptional standing regarding innovation in the information and communication technologies. Other important economic sectors comprise the automotive industry and shipbuilding.

Learn more about international cooperation with South Korean business partners and improve your intercultural competencies when dealing with South Korean customers, suppliers, colleagues and employees by enrolling in our Intercultural South Korea Training.

CultureWaves offers background know-how and practice-oriented recommendations for working effectively with South Korean business partners to you and your employees.

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring the Intercultural Training South Korea to your specific needs!

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What you can expect from our Intercultural Training South Korea

By completing the training participants will:

  • deepen their awareness and develop a broader understanding of different perspectives
  • understand the impact of culture-specific values on people’s behaviour, communication and work style
  • gain a better understanding of South Korean society and traditions as well as their impact on work life
culturewaves interkulturelle sensibilisierung suedkorea
  • anticipate what behaviour may irritate South Korean business partners and gain a deeper understanding of their reactions
  • be able to adapt to South Korean business life more effectively
  • understand which competencies are important to operate with intercultural sensitivity
  • know helpful strategies to communicate successfully with South Korean business partners

Intercultural training South Korea – possible content:

Understanding South Korea

Self-perception and perception by others

  • the impact of geopolitical, philosophical, economic and societal developments on the business mentality of South Koreans
  • how does Confucianism affect the South Korean way of life?
  • confucianism’s impact on the private and professional life of South Koreans
  • south Korea’s relationships to its neighbouring countries North Korea and Japan
  • business structures in South Korea: the South Korean conglomerates ‘chaebol’
culturewaves interkulturelle kommunikation suedkorea

Communication with South Korean business partners

  • status symbols and social hierarchy – their meaning for the communication with managers and subordinates
  • relationships with business partners, suppliers and customers and their impact on communication patterns
  • how to deal with praise and critique
  • giving feedback in an appropriate way
  • building relationships and networks

Meetings, team and project work

  • successful collaboration with South Koreans
  • building trust
  • how to deal with a conflict avoidance style
  • direct and indirect communication with South Koreans depending on context


  • weighing social hierarchies – how to work in society with high power distance
  • hierarchy and decision-making processes
  • paternal managers – expectations of South Koreans regarding leaders
  • expatriates as leaders – gaining trust and highlighting positive changes
  • female leaders

How to behave in challenging situations and in case of conflict

  • confucianism as a reason for avoiding conflicts
  • the concept of ‘face’
  • conducting negotiations and strategy meetings in a competent manner

Presenting and negotiating in South Korea

  • Which expectations do South Korean audiences have with regards to design, content and style of presentations?
  • Rrcommendations for efficient and smooth negotiations with South Koreans
  • the meaning of contracts – closure or restart?
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Business trips – tips and recommendations

  • how to act as guest or host (welcome, seating order, etiquette)
  • do’s and don’ts

Summary of key learnings

Wrap up and practical recommendations for working with South Korean colleagues and business partners.

Do you have specific needs?

Depending on your current needs and business-specific challenges, CultureWaves can tailor your Intercultural South Korea Training.

Intercultural Training South Korea – How, where and for whom?

  • customized to target group and main topics
  • individual or group training
  • face-to-face or virtual
  • on-site or off-site
  • for employees of all levels, professionals and leaders

Intercultural Training South Korea – methodology and approach

CultureWaves offers behaviour-oriented training which is characterized by focussing on the participants’ needs, interactive approaches and practical relevance.

Our approach comprises background information to better understand business mentalities, interactive group exercises, and up-to-date videos and graphics. Participants are given an opportunity to work on case studies, participate in group discussions, and reflect on what they have heard. In addition, we provide you with practice-oriented recommendations designed to help your business success.

Intercultural Training South Korea – our experts

Our consults have extensive professional experience with South Korean businesses or are originally from South Korea. The Intercultural Training South Korea can be conducted in English, German or further languages.

If you would like to arrange an Intercultural South Korea Training for a larger group, we are pleased to put a bicultural trainer team together. In this way, we can guarantee an intensive work process in small groups.

Since 1999, CultureWaves has helped companies to manage important business relationships, as they open up and develop new in their international business as well as in processes of change and going international.

Our team of more than 120 experts offers consulting, coaching, training, workshops, key-note speeches and process support for international businesses and their employees worldwide.

If you are interested please feel free to contact us!

We are looking forward to writing an offer for you or to answering any remaining questions.

You can reach us via phone +49 (0)2227 908 6252 or email Or just use our contact form.

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