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Our Intercultural Training Brazil is practice-oriented and meant to increase your business performance through improved communication with your business partners in Brazil.

Explore new aspects of Brazil, a country which is mainly characterized by its cultural variety. Today, the fifth-largest country by area and population is a multiethnic state. It has developed into a multiethnic state during its time as Portuguese colony. Brazil ranks amongst the ten largest national economies. Services, industry and agriculture are all important sectors as well as the industries of petroleum, mining and metal. Brazil belongs to the BRICS countries, it is a member of the South American customs union Mercosul and it is one of the most important regional powers of Latin America.

Learn more about international cooperation with Brazilian business partners and improve your intercultural competencies when dealing with Brazilian customers, suppliers, colleagues and employees by enrolling in our Intercultural Training Brazil.

CultureWaves offers background know-how and practice-oriented recommendations for working with Brazilian business partners to you and your employees, on site or virtually.

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring the Intercultural Training Brazil to your specific needs!

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What you can expect from our Intercultural training Brazil

By completing the training participants will:

  • sharpen their perception and develop a broader understanding of different perspectives
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  • understand the impact of cultural values on people’s behaviour, communication and work styles
  • gain a better understanding of Brazilian society and traditions as well as their impact on work life
  • anticipate what behaviour may irritate Brazilian business partners and gain a deeper understanding of their reactions
  • be able to adapt to Brazilian everyday business life more effectively and interact more successfully with Brazilian counterparts
  • understand which competencies are important to operate with intercultural sensitivity
  • know helpful strategies to communicate successfully with Brazilian business partners

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring the Intercultural Training Brazil to your specific needs!

Intercultural training Brazil  – possible content:

Understanding Brazil

Self-perception and perception by others

  • historical, geopolitical, economic and societal developments and their impact on Brazilian business mentality
  • comparing self-perceptions and perceptions by others of values, attitudes and behavioural patterns

Communication with Brazilian business partners

  • particularities when communicating with Brazilians
  • developing a better understanding of Brazilian thought patterns
  • ‚bem vindo‘ – making contact with Brazilian customers and colleagues face-to-face or virtually
  • case studies: styles and strategies for successful collaboration with Brazilians
  • the importance of networks in Brazil

Meetings, team- and project work

  • successful organisation of projects with Brazilians
  • working in a team with Brazilian colleagues – creating a productive working atmosphere
  • how to build trust when collaborating with Brazilians?
  • working in a society without a native feedback culture
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  • Brazilian corporate culture and management
  • the specific role of the leader: the relation between leader and employee
  • how to deal with Brazilian employees and colleagues
  • overlapping of professional and private life in Brazil
  • case studies of leading in Brazil – identifying and developing potential
  • women in the lead – culture specific perceptions when dealing with men and women

How to behave in challenging and difficult situations

  • strategies to provide feedback successfully
  • conflict management – avoiding and resolving conflicts
  • the impact of criticism and feedback in a discussion with Brazilians – The importance of praise and appreciation
  • to criticize without criticizing – saving face of your counterparts
  • showing intercultural understanding to successfully work in a dynamic country

Presenting and negotiating in Brazil

  • presenting successfully – what does a Brazilian audience expect?
  • best practice – recommendations for successful negotiations
  • communication strategies for negotiation and an efficient collaboration with business partners from Brazil

Business trips – tips and recommendations

  • travelling to Brazil – proper behaviour for business meetings, information on security issues, private invitations and religious rules
  • local everyday life – your role as guest or host
  • Brazilian etiquette
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Summary of key learnings

Wrap up and practical recommendations for working with Brazilian colleagues and business partners.

Do you have specific needs?

CultureWaves tailors your Intercultural training Brazil according to your current needs and business-specific challenges.

Intercultural training Brazil – How, where and for whom?

  • one-day or two-day training
  • individual or group training
  • customised, behaviour-oriented, target-specific or generic
  • face-to-face or virtual
  • depending on level of knowledge and needs also as workshop, interactive presentation or keynote speech
  • on-site or off-site
  • for employees of all levels, professionals and managers, for teams, as role-specific or task-specific training

We are looking forward to advising you and to tailoring the Intercultural Training Brazil to your specific needs!

Intercultural training Brazil – methodology

CultureWaves emphasises the variety of methods applied. With decades of experience in designing and delivering customised training, CultureWaves has optimised training methods for your maximum benefit.

Business-oriented expertise

The CultureWaves trainer team has profound expertise through:

  • many years of professional experience and of living abroad
  • multicultural background
  • trainer qualification
  • profound knowledge about the respective culture
  • native or multilingual language skills
  • presentation or facilitation qualification

Media Mix

CultureWaves uses most recent video and graphic footage to give authentic insights into Brazilian business culture and business practices during their training.

Interactive training style

In our training, CultureWaves aims at creating an understanding of Brazilian business mentality, at building more assertiveness in dealing with Brazilian colleagues and business partners as well as at developing and expanding your range of styles through:

  • exchange of international business experiences
  • interactive, behaviour-oriented group exercises
  • work on business case studies in small groups
  • discussion and reflection
  • role plays
  • individual exercises, personal and peer feedback
  • background information for better understanding of the business mentality in other cultures
  • practical recommendations and tips for self-paced learning

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